Using Printed HTV


  1. Pick your design and program to cut Right Reading. Do not mirror.

  2. Lay your vinyl on your mat with the design facing upwards, towards you.
  3. Cut the vinyl on your typical HTV setting.
  4. Pull the vinyl from your mat and place on a surface for weeding. Slightly pull a non-cut edge towards you separating the vinyl from the back carrier sheet. The back carrier sheet is a shiny clear plastic sheet.

  5. Weed your design.

    Weeding the letters
  6. Find a mask or transfer sheet. (You can even use a previous carrier sheet from an already cut piece of HTV. The glitter carrier sheets work best as they have the most tack.)

    Pulling back the carrier sheet or transfer sheet.
  7. Lay the transfer sheet over your design and smooth the sheet over your design with a squeegee.

    Laying the transfer sheet over the design
    Using a squeegee to smooth out the design and remove the bubbles
  8. Remove the backing from the cut design. Now your design will be transferred to the mask.

    Removing the backing from the cut design
  9. Lay out your garment.
  10. Pre-press to remove any moisture.
  11. Layout your design on your garment.

    Applying the design to the garment
  12. Press the garment (about 305 for 15 seconds). If using a Cricut press or iron, remember to press hard. The vinyl needs pressure and not just heat.

    Pressing garment to remove any moisture
  13. Remove the carrier sheet, and repress again making sure all seams are sealed along edges of vinyl.

    Remove the carrier sheet and press again
  14. Final product.

    Final product of a onesie with the printed HTV pattern on it

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