Sublimation Print Services

* Sublimation prints may take up to three (3) business days to arrive in store.


  1. Submit your graphic below
    • Acceptable methods of files are: png, svg, jpg, pdf, doc/docx, ppt/pptx
    • Preferred method is: PDF at correct size
    • Methods accepted but with less than optimal results are the above from a screen pic image. (Images out of Design Space typically do not work.)
  2. Answer a short set of questions about each design.
  3. Designs will be printed and can be mailed or picked up at your local S2S Warehouse.
    (Mailed designs may be extra as precautions must be taken to protect designs.)

Please make sure you have answered all of the following questions.

  1. By submitting the design, you have read, understand and release S2S Warehouse from any and all claims.  (See Terms and Conditions.)
  2. Print, if not sized pdf, choose one:
    • At current size (note that graphic files may come across differently in our different print programs.)
    • As large as possible*
      You understand that pixilation may occur.
    • At custom setting **
      You understand that pixilation may occur.
  3. Color:
    • Print colors just as they are
    • Minor color corrections, if needed**
  4. Number of prints:  ____
    More than 3 prints will require prepayment of services.

Any design modification requests may be charged extra including custom size settings, etc.

* As large as possible will only include checking the printer box to fill page with image. It will not include resizing of image and may include large amounts of white space already included with image.

* Custom Setting Size: if your image does not come across at the size you specify, extra fees may be applied to resize your image to the size specified. ($5 per image at that size, not copy.) If you would like to size your image, use a program for your design and save it (correctly sized) in a pdf.

S2S Warehouse is providing a service and makes no claims or warranties for the actual prints. S2S Warehouse does not warrant the final outcome of the prints to the medium. Any defects of prints should be brought to the company’s attention within three (3) business days.

There are too many variables when determining and resolving issues with sublimated prints, heat presses or the mediums. If problems exist, please see troubleshooting sublimation for reference.

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