About Us

S2S Warehouse is proud to serve the communities in Central Texas with our brick and mortar stores and to serve all other locations through our online presence. Our goal is to provide an individual experience for each of our clients, whether they are purchasing for personal crafting or for their business. We carry the latest products and feature some of the newest trends in the market. We want you to enjoy the products so much that you want to come back and find out more.

We know and understand that you can go online and find the latest deal, but we provide more than just a transaction where you gamble on receipt of product and condition. We are here to serve your business and to help you grow by providing business accounts and supplies at affordable prices. We also provide bulk pricing discounts for those that have to fulfill a larger order. Some of these prices we do not publish online or in our stores because we want to provide the best consultation, experience and discount possible, so please write us and let us know what you need. We will get back to you with an answer shortly. Our business is about the relationship and not the single transaction.

We support our communities that treat us so well. Please let us know if you are creating something for a benefit, auction or charity. Sometimes it is about finding a passion, and we want to support those things that drive you to create such wonderful items.

S2S Warehouse maintains a business Facebook presence as well as closed community group for sharing projects. We also have a Pinterest page, all with the intended purpose of helping you better create. We want you to be inspired to make the next project and the next one and the next one.


About Amanda

I grew up in Central Texas, graduate of Temple High and Texas Aggie Class of ’97. I have spent the last so many years in the Corporate world. I have a diverse business background and still maintain my business certifications in Insurance and Human Resource Management. I have been in leadership, ownership and executive management of companies in consulting, oil and gas, design, technology and data management and distribution.

That’s all the business stuff, as for the creative stuff. My aunt was an artist. I got to grow up while spending time going to her studio. She would often show in Canton at the First Monday Show, and some of my fondest memories are going to see her. While always a crafter, I got into computer design, embroidery and cutting. While the simplicity of a single 'go' button for the machines made the work easier, the complexity increased exponentially with the additional software, layering and the different mediums. But, that has made it all the more intriguing.

Crafting and wine go together for me like milk and cookies. You can’t have one without the other. Unless I wanted to be like Hoda and Kathie Lee and start drinking at 10, pursuing a creative occupation was not for me, and I am not knocking Hoda or Kathie Lee. (Plus, I usually give away most of the items I create which is not showing my business savvy.) I love the products, enjoy explaining how to use them, and really want to help others succeed in business. S2S Warehouse has provided me the opportunity to launch a business in a place that I still call home with products that I get excited to show off.

Some, like me, create for friends and family. But, many have found that these products have either provided additional income for their families and some have found that they can make a living and have more time for things that really matter. Creating, providing for the family and spending quality time with those that you love, a trifecta that cannot be achieved sitting in rush hour traffic. While I could continue hitting the pavement in the corporate world, this business means so much more to me personally.

About Abbe

The first question Abbe usually gets is, how tall are you? Followed by, did you play basketball? The answer to those questions are: Abbe is a couple inches above 6’ and played basketball for Belton and UMHB.

Abbe and I are sisters, and she has worked with me/put up with me for many years. Therefore, we share similar work history. Abbe is a new mom to the most adorable twins: a boy and a girl. One usually accompanies her each day and can be seen napping, crawling underfoot or exercising their lungs. (Abbe is also a twin.) Abbe was beside me while my babies grew to kids and are now teenagers. I now get to spend the time with hers and enjoy it so much. Abbe is very knowledgeable about the products and enjoys the all the facets of this new venture as much as I do.

While we sell products, to so many people these products may be happiness through creating or they may be an income or both. We want to help you create the life you love. Find your passion, and you will never work another day in your life. That’s why we do what we do, and we hope it shows.