Sponsorship and Donation Program

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with you in supporting our communities. We are committed to outreach and support through local organizations and charities. Many programs that we support are powered and exist only through donations and volunteerism.

Because we sell to a number of clients that provide the end products as their business, we do not compete with their business or provide finished items. It is a fine line, and we respect all of our customers. Therefore, many of our contributions exist as enablers to a finished product of some sort. We have found that providing just product or cash does not alone meet our combined goals. However, providing a discount and gifted scrap program allows both organizations to meet their combined efforts. It is through the following channels that we serve and support local clubs and organizations.

This program only exists for non-profit entities. Products purchased through this program may only be used and sold for the sole benefit of the non-profit. No other personal gains may be combined with this program.

Program Recipients:

  • Charitable Organizations
  • Religious Organizations such as youth groups
  • Educational*/ Booster Programs: Some Sports, FFA, Music
  • Government Entities* such as volunteer Fire Departments
  • Teams/Clubs: Scouts, 4H, Dance, Little League

Discount Program

Program Eligibility: Presenting the Sales and Use Tax number of the entity and classifying as one of the above or a 501.3.c

Under the S2S Warehouse discount program, we will give your group:

12% off all products

All vinyl pricing will be discounted at the 1 yard level with all vinyl purchased above 1 yard. (Sheets are discounted at the sheet price.) If additional discounts exist, these discounts will be used and not combined with other discounts. If you are interested in buying items in bulk (more than 10), please contact us so we can get the lowest price possible for you.

For persons or entities that do not fall within the above guidelines, please see our Roll Pricing. T-shirt Tuesday at 25% is also a great way to save. Additionally, we will provide larger discounts for bulk item purchases above 10 pieces.

Scrap Program

Program Eligibility: Participant is making a raffle/ basket or item of such to be donated for a club, charity or event.

In our business, scrap is the remaining portions of the end of the roll that are too short to sell (or may not be in perfect condition). On occasion, we do sell these pieces to the public. If you know of your design and give us notice, we will donate portions of scrap to you when it is available.

Cash Contributions

Our community outreach does not make cash contributions at this time.

We wish you success in your efforts!

* We provide teachers and military discounts under a separate program.