Iron On Heat Transfer Paper for Inkjet Printers - Dark Color Garments

Iron On Heat Transfer Paper for Inkjet Printers - Dark Color Garments

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Heat Transfer Paper for Color Inkjet Printers / Copiers and Dark Garments

  • Designed for photos, logos and images to embellish dark colored T-shirts, sweatshirts, denim and more.
  • Developed as a single step transfer paper. It runs in a full range of inkjet printers and produces a thin, soft transfer that washes with minimal to no fading or cracking.
  • Can be applied using a heat press or hand iron
  • Cannot be printed with Ricoh Gel Inks
  • If your cutter has an optical eye, this paper can be used in conjunction with your cutter for print and cut application for amazingly accurate and fast cutting of your graphic to make your final product even more appealing to potential customers!
  • Either a pair of scissor or an an Exacto may be used to cut the graphics
  • Any areas that have no ink coverage and are not trimmed will turn white. This allows the printing of white onto dark colored fabrics and garments!
  • Economical
  • Good opacity
  • Good wash resistance
  • Easy to cut and weed

Care Instructions

  • Some polyester garments may experience discoloration and/or dye migration. Prior testing is strongly recommended.
  • Wash temperature cannot exceed 105°F / 40°C.
  • Test cut prior to any production run is always recommended. Cutter settings will need to be adjusted as blade ages. For optimal cutting and weeding, maintain a line thickness of at least 1/8" for lettering & logos.
  • This paper cannot be used with Tack. Try to design the material without any non-continuous parts. You can also hand place non-continuous parts on to your shirts.
  • Store at room temperature. Keep away from direct heat, sunlight and humidity.
  • All technical information and recommendations are based on tests manufacturer has conducted. Users should conduct their own tests before proceeding.

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