Rhinestones - Hot Fix

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Sparkling crystal rhinestones. Flat back and hot fix (glue is already on back) so they can be applied with an iron, heat press or rhinestone application tool.

Sizes:  3mm/ SS10,  4mm/ ss16

Quantity varies by color and size (may be +/- 5% per bag)

   Most Colors ss10: 2880 pcs

   Most Colors  ss16: 1152 pcs

   Pink and Lt. Pink ss10: 720 pcs

   Pink and Lt. Pink ss16:  288 pcs

Heat press for 10-15 seconds for at 300
°F with a heat press.
Home iron may be used set at cotton with firm pressure, do not use steam. 
Use with Tools, such as: Rock it Rhinestone Flock, Hot Fix Tape and Rounded Tweezers

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