Press Instructions for Digital Transfers

* Pre-press garment 3-5 seconds to remove extra moisture.
* Use scissors to cut around the image. Place the image on the garment.
* Press at 310° for 30-40 seconds.
* Use steady HEAVY pressure, Heavy pressure meaning that it takes some force to get the platen down.
* Remove from heat press careful to not let transfer image shift or pull.
Tip: Fold the garment into the middle and carefully remove from there. Any slight tug could damage the transfer.
* COOL completely before removing transfer.
* When removing transfer, hold garment in place with one hand and roll the carrier sheet back with the other. Grab a corner piece, and the transfer should “snap” off.
Tip: If a portion does not transfer or does not look like it is going to transfer, place garment with transfer back on heat press and reheat for 10-20 more seconds shifting the garment from where it was previously placed. Cold spots or inconsistent pressure in the heat press could cause this issue. Remember to cool completely before trying again. If it still needs assistance, you can grab tweezers and gently pull off the corner. Be sure to finish with final press to re-adhere.

* A final press may be completed with a parchment paper cover for 10 seconds. Remember to cool completely before removing paper. Do NOT use other paper, such as butcher paper, for the finish press.
* Be aware of seams, especially on onesies and getting even pressure.


Care Instructions

For best results wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Do not iron directly over decoration..

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