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Decorating with Vinyl and Bleach

Bleach Harry Potter Shirt Vinyl

Supplies Design/ Cutter/ Weeder (Transfer Tape, if applicable) Permanent Vinyl (I used Oracal 651) Shirt Bleach, diluted with  Spray bottle preferably Board (I used a cutting board) Vinegar Paper Towels   To make a bleached out shirt, Cut out your design on permanent sign vinyl. The permanent vinyl will allow it to adhere to the shirt. Cut it right reading, not mirrored. Weed the vinyl. TIP: For small pieces that can be weeded when the rest of the design is continuous, use a leftover piece of the carrier sheet from some heat transfer vinyl. You can only use it like...

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Navigating the Ladies Next Level Shirts

Shirt T-Shirts

Trying to pick your Next Level shirt? Between navigating the names, the feel and what will work with what decoration will leave your head spinning. I will break down some of the items below: The Ideal Tee, The Boyfriend Tee and the Perfect Tee Next Level has many names for their tees, specifically the ladies’ tees. (They have several names for their girls tees as well that we could discuss later.) Besides the typical label of Crew Neck Tee, let’s take a look at the Ideal Tee, the Boyfriend Tee and the Perfect t-shirt. The Boyfriend Tee and the Perfect...

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