Sublimation Instructions

Dye-Sublimation Sublimation

Dye-sublimation - Steps and Tips


  • Use only white or light poly-rich garments
  • Vigorously lint roll garment multiple times
  • Pre-press garment 3-5 seconds to remove extra moisture
  • Place the image face down on the garment
  • Use parchment paper over the design in case ink leaks through
  • Press at 385°- 405° for 45-65 seconds
  • Use steady medium pressure
  • Quickly remove and do not move design on garment. Even the slightest movement could cause shadowing.


  • Use HTV carrier sheet to tape image in place
  • Heat test garment prior to subbing, know your fabrics
  • Tear edges off paper in case there is any ink on it that might have drug in printer. Also helps with deep creases.
  • Put paper in garment in case ink leaks through. Or, put garment around heat press.
  • Use press pillow so press marks do not show
  • Place butcher paper over sub paper/ garment so ink does not leak onto press causing other garments to be subbed
  • Be aware of seams, especially on onesies and getting even pressure
  • Instructions may vary based upon what is being subbed
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Individual results will vary.
  • Factors: different press, different printer, different papers, different program used (colors), different garments


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