Hot Fix Rhinestone Instructions

Hot Fix Instructions Rhinestones

Hot Fix Rhinestones

Easy to Apply Iron-on Directions


  1. Always iron on a hard, flat surface (not a padded ironing board). Use a Teflon sheet or cotton pressing cloth. This will protect your garment.
  2. Remove backing and check design to make sure that the elements have not shifted. Use tweezers to reposition elements if needed.
  3. Place the sticky-side of the transfer paper down onto fabric. If it is not in the desired position, lift and reposition.
  4. Place the Teflon sheet or cotton pressing cloth over top of the design.
  5. Set the iron on the medium or wool setting. NO STEAM! You may adjust the temperature as needed. All irons are different. If your garment is thin, place a pressing cloth or flat cardboard inside the garment.
  6. Iron directly on top of the pressing cloth/Teflon sheet for a minimum of 45-60 seconds. Heavier fabrics such as denim might need more time and light fabrics like silk will need less time. DO NOT MOVE THE IRON! Just let it sit in place. If your iron has steam holes, you lose some surface contact. Press with the iron facing side to side then up and down to completely cover the surface.
  7. Allow to cool until warm and then slowly remove the transfer paper. If your elements are not sticking to your garment, place transfer paper back down and re-apply heat. If the elements are not sticking, you are not melting the adhesive.
  8. After the transfer paper is removed, turn the garment inside-out, place a pressing cloth or piece of cardboard inside the garment, place a pressing cloth/Teflon sheet over design and re-press garment for about 15 seconds with 5 seconds of pressure. This will draw the glue into the fabric of the garment.

Your project is now complete! Test to see if any elements are loose. Rub your hands across the design, up and down, back and forth using your finger nails. If anything feels loose, re-press it. When properly applied, transfers are fully machine-washable and dryable. Turn garment inside out before washing. If an element becomes loose, re-apply heat with iron to reactivate glue.

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